buy the best - direct from our orchard

Buy top quality avocados online, direct from the grower

Buy top quality avocados online,
direct from the grower

Avocado to You was started out of our passion for food that not only tastes good, but is good for you.  Our friends were always commenting that our avocados were so much nicer than the ones they could buy in a supermarket, and that they were fed up with paying high prices for single avocados only to find them rotten or mushy inside when they went to use them.  

So now you can buy top quality avocados direct from us, the grower, and ripen them yourself to perfection at home.

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Dispatch on Tuesdays only - order deadline MONDAY 8am. 

We pick to order: orders received on Mondays after deadline will be held until the following week's dispatch, unless we have surplus fruit after packing to fulfill your order same day.   Picking may be postponed due to weather to the next dry day, with dispatch the following day.   Payments made by internet banking must show in our account by Monday 8am before dispatch.



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  • Home Box 16-18* Hass avocados
    Freshly picked Hass avocados, ripe approx 10-14 days after picking.
    *box typically contains 16-18 avocados (may be 12-18 depending on size). Approx 3.5kg, not organically grown.
    SOLD OUT (sorry!)
  • Catering Box 60* Hass avocados
    Bulk box of freshly picked avocados, ripe about 10-14 days after picking. *Approx 55-65 avocados (may be 50-75 depending on size). Approx 14kg, Not organically grown.
    SOLD OUT (sorry!)

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