About Us

 Avocado to You was started out of our passion for food that not only tastes good, but is good for you.  We noticed our friends and family always commented that our avocados were so much nicer than the ones they could buy in a supermarket, and that they were fed up with paying high prices for single avocados only to find them rotten or mushy inside when they went to use them.  

We pick your avocados to order, and then pack and dispatch them immediately, so you can ripen them yourself to perfection at home, safe in the knowledge that they have come direct from the grower without hundreds of shoppers squeezing them before you get them!

We do not store or refrigerate our avocadoswe just pick them, pack them and send them straight to you - so you do need to allow time for them ripen at home before you can eat them. 

Growing Principles

We have a 15 hectare orchard of around 2200 mostly Hass variety avocado trees at Cooks Beach, on the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula, NZ.  We sell much of our crop to export markets, and also throughout NZ via Avocado To You.  

Although we are no longer organic certified, we follow biological growing principles in our whole orchard - in simple terms this means we produce quality avocados from the ground up - by carefully looking after the soil with quality inputs a tree can reach optimum health and produce avocados that have optimum levels of nutrients.  

To achieve this in a commercially viable way we need to use some inputs that aren't organic but our aim is always to do it in the most effective, lowest impact, least harmful way, and always trying to look after all the beneficial biology in the soil and on the trees.  We use a specialised blended fertiliser that is applied monthly in varying amounts depending on what the tree requires throughout the year so as to only use what is required and not have excess in the soil. It is applied with humates to buffer pH and look after the soil biology, as this is what helps deliver the nutrients to our avocado trees. 

We take the same approach to spraying - the aim is to always look after the beneficial biology and promote a healthy balance of biology in our trees only intervening when some damaging insect gets out of balance, we monitor the bugs every 2 weeks via an industry based monitoring system (Avo Green).  Most of the time we can control any problem with organic inputs eg spray oils, but occasionally we do have to use tougher options such as a systemic spray, to specifically target only the pests we are struggling with (eg thrips) while being soft on all the beneficial bugs (and at a time with no bee activity in the orchard). Any sprays are always applied with other products (such as fish, molasses, or seaweed) to help provide a healthy environment for the good bugs and fungi so that the balance is maintained and best possible product is produced. 

We realise some of this isn't ideal for those of you who prefer to eat only organic food, but every care is taken to provide you with the best quality, most nutrient dense and healthy fruit possible.